John Paul Gallagher is a photographer and activist committed to documenting the human condition of underprivileged peoples of the world in order to advocate for social change. He studied cultural anthropology and psychology at Rutgers University, developing a strong interest in human behavior and society. In addition, Gallagher has occupied several positions in the non-profit sector, working closely with the homeless and the mentally ill, while crafting his photography to serve as a vehicle for raising awareness around social issues such as poverty, homelessness, migration and marginalization. Gallagher’s photographic project employs intellectual frameworks adapted from anthropological fieldwork experience in the production of in-depth photo-essays that portray individual experiences within particular communities.

Gallagher’s first photo essay, Angel’s Night documented the multi-faceted character of Detroit’s Mexicantown neighborhood shot in 2004. He returned in the summer of 2007 document an adjacent Detroit neighborhood, Delray, once the birthplace of the US automobile manufacturing industry but now facing lasting changes as a proposed international bridge span would destroy many low incomes residents’ homes displacing hundreds.

In 2005, Gallagher lived in Chiapas, Mexico to begin a long term documentation culture change due to the globalizing forces of free trade, tourism and religious evangelism among the Tzotzil Mayas of Mexico and the Mayan communities of the Atitlan lake of Guatemala. Gallagher returned to Mexico and Guatemala in 2007 to continue production on this work in progress.

In 2005, Gallagher moved to the Dominican Republic where over the course of 1 ½ years he produced photo essays on Dominican Afro-Caribbean religious practices, a marginalized inner-city neighborhood called Cristo Rey and the lives of the homeless residents of the soon to be demolished capital city boardwalk area known as El Malecon.

In 2007/8 John Gallagher resided in New Hampshire to create a new body of work covering the decline of mom and pop dairy and meat industry which is struggling to compete with large scale producers who depress prices and drive smaller competitors out of business.

Starting summer 2008 Gallagher is on the move again outside the US to produce a new body of work.